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  Web design FAQ

Q: What is a Directory?

A: Directories organise Internet sites by subjects, so that the users can select a subject of their choice and browse through the list of resources in that category.
Q: What is Search Engine Optimisation?

A: Optimising your site for Top ranking "Search engine optimisation" is the process of ranking your site on the Top ranking lists.
Q: What is Search Engine or Web Service?

A: Search engine is termed as a "Web Search Service", which uses tools that help find information on the Internet. They are used to find specific information using "keywords" on the World Wide Web!
Q: What are Web Spiders or Web Crawlers?

A: A spider is a program used by a search engines to index the World Wide Web content. Spiders captures specific information about a page, some capture the title and the first 1,000 characters of content, some captures the title and "description" meta tag, some look for only the keywords and some use the combination of all of these methods.
Q: What is a web site Hit?

A: The number of times a web site is accessed; normally the usage is hits per day
Q: How will people find my web site?

A: Your pages must be built properly and they must be registered in various search engines, directories and link lists, in order to have maximum exposure. When we have been instructed to we will design your site and carefully consider how to best maximize it's visibility to the search engines, crawlers, spiders and robots. We use special wording and keywords in the page title, page text and in special tags within the HTML code, which aren't visible to humans reading the page. These, and other techniques we employ, assist the automatic search routines of the crawlers, spiders and robots, such as those used by Alta Vista, to get your site listed properly.
Q: What are Doorway Pages?

A: A page designed as an entrance or gateway page or welcome page to a website.

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