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Title: Web Design Topic 4
Post by: Reporter on April 01, 2008, 03:09:14 PM
Web Design Topic 4

Is there anything HTML can¡¦t do?

Of course, but since making websites became more popular and needs increased many other supporting languages have been created to allow new stuff to happen, plus HTML is modified every few years to make way for improvements.

Cascading Stylesheets are used to control how your pages are presented, and make pages more accessible. Basic special effects and interaction is provided by JavaScript, which adds a lot of power to basic HTML. Most of this advanced stuff is for later down the road, but when using all of these technologies together, you have a lot of power at your disposal.

Why not get a quick view of times gone by with The History of HTML? If you think you¡¦re ready to start coding, head over to the My First Site section and begin creating!