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愛使我們相聚起 】 我們 緣於 一句 神的默示、一段 愛的言語與故事 和 一間溫情 酒吧  " 20 Twenty "。

我和他 真正彼此認識 是在 2007 年 的夏季 , 當時那種心動 難忘的感覺 ... 他仍在我心裡  這就是我想妳的日子 把它全送給妳 』~  ( 23-4-2015 )

因為我喜歡調酒 , 在緣份引領下 ,   2014 年 6 月中 ,  便在這間酒吧工作
我就是很喜歡 這間清吧 , 店裡的特色設計 在那張 高長靠牆 梳化椅 ,  座著很舒適 ;   一張張熟悉的面孔 更親切 , 還有種 寧靜、心安 和 歸屬感

2014 年 冬 , 有一天在家閒著 , 無意中發現書架上有一件的小東西 , 是一個蕾絲小袋子, 裡面有件蝴蝶型小水晶和一張紙仔寫著 ~ Peace On Earth * 我們愛 , 因為 神先愛我們 ( 約翰一書 4:19 ) ~ 就是這一句聖言 , 祂 啟發了我 去開創這網頁『我們愛』

我們愛 深信 愛與緣份 也不限於二人之間 , 一群人之間也可被緣份和愛所維繫 , 如一隊同生共死的士兵 , 或共同工作的夥伴 , 朋友們 和 親人 ,他們之間也會被認為有一種緣份 。  緣份 ~ 是中國文化 和 佛教 的一個抽象概念 , 是人與人之間 、 人與事 、 人與物 及 人與其他 存在之間無形的連結 , 是某種必然存在的相遇的機會和可能 。《  任何緣份的開始都需要雙方的互動。  我們的交友 & 配對服務 是以 緣份的互動 為本,巧妙的安排 為基 , 為各會員提供個人真誠 、 理想對象的推薦。

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About ~ We love

We are in the bond of love & "We Love" is fate in a divine inspiration, a love of words with story and a tender bar "20 Twenty".

He and I really know each other in the summer of 2007, was an unforgettable feeling with a tempting heart ... he's still in my heart.
" This page is just for you, as I miss you all of the days. " ~  (23-4-2015)

Because I like the bartending work, in fate under the guidance of mid-June 2014, I will be working at this bar.  I just really like this quiet bar, featured in the bar's design goes to the high long sofa chair by wall, a very comfortable seat, very nice people around and there are kinds of tranquility, peace of mind and a sense of belonging.

2014 winter day at home I am idle, accidentally discovered a little thing on the shelf, is a lace small bag, which has a small butterfly-shaped pieces of crystal and a little piece of paper with a few words that say ~ Peace On Earth * We love because God first loved us (1 John 4:19) - as this piece note of words, He inspired me to make up this page "We Love."

 "We love" is convinced that with the fate of love (Yuanfen) between two people is not limited to, may also be maintained between a group of people brought together by fate and love, like a team with the total death of the soldier, or partners, friends and relatives to work together, they of inter will also be considered a blessing.  Fate (Yuanfen) - is an abstract concept of Chinese culture and Buddhism, between people, people and things, and objects invisible link between humans and other beings and, there must be some chance encounter and possible.  "Any fate (Yuanfen) began, both sides need to interact."  Our dating & matchmaking service fate oriented interactive, ingenious arrangements for the group to provide personal faith for each member, recommended the ideal object (Mr./Miss Right).

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