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我們愛如何處理會員登記時收集到的身份識別資料,我們保証在搜集,使用及維護會員資料時,遵從香港法例第486章:個人資料(私隱)條例規範。會員資料只作配對及 聯絡會員與內部研究之用。一般性資料如姓名,年齡,身高,體重,工作性質,興趣及喜好等,由於需用作配對關係,將有機會披露給其他會員作為參考。登記成為我們愛之會員,你就所提供資料的內容及準確性須負上全部責任。若會員之個人資料有任何變更,應盡快通知我們作出更新。如我們愛之私隱政策有任何變更,將會在本網頁刊登有關更新及條文。我們愛除非獲得會員許可,否則絕不會在未得會員許可下,把會員資料用在其他用途上。


"We love", published in this website information is for reference only. Although we endeavor to ensure that all information is correct, but it does not mean that the information contained in this site is absolutely correct, we will not be liable for any information errors and omissions.

Anyone who would use (or not use) other losses (including, but not limited to, the loss of business or loss related) information published on this website caused, we are not responsible.

"We love" The site is connected to any other World Wide Web sites or resources, the user Please inform yourself about any content, advertising, products correctness on another website or other information, we will not be due to other users on the site bear responsibility for the loss caused by the Compensation or legal.

To collect "We love" how to deal with membership registration identifiable information, we ensure that the collection, use and maintenance of membership information, the compliance with Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong: the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance specification. Membership information will only be used for matching and liaison members and internal research. General information such as name, age, height, weight, nature of work, interests and preferences, etc., because it needs to be used as paired relationship, will have the opportunity to disclose to other members as a reference. Register as "We Love" members of, you have to provide the content and accuracy of the information shall take full responsibility. If the member's personal information of any changes should be notified as soon as we make updates. Such as "We love" the privacy policy of any changes will be posted and updated provisions related to this page. "We love" members permission unless otherwise would never permit without the member, the member data for use in other applications.

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