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1.  酒吧會面 ~ 我們為您在酒吧裹作簡單面談及會員登記 , 並透過對話來了解各會員的背景、人生經驗、期望、喜好和現在狀況 等等。

2.  跟據會員個人資料進行配對 , 以 性格 、價值觀 、星座 、玄學 等等 方式作配對 。

3.  安排輕鬆小聚日期和時間 , 各男女客人/ 會員 選擇及確定套餐 , 以便 20 Twenty 酒吧 準備餐酒食材。

4.  祝各位會員配對
成功 , 生活幸福快樂 及 繼續加油努力 尋覓真愛 。

Matching Services & Registration Process

1. The consultation at 20 Twenty Bar ~ We do the membership registration meanwhile its just a casual meeting with you at the bar, and through dialogue to understand each member's background, life experiences, expectations, preferences and present status.

2. According to the member profile with paired to personalities, values, constellations, metaphysics, and so the way to make the pairing.

3. "Casual Matching" arrangement date and time of each male and female guests / members, also members need to select and determine the course to prepare 2020 bar of wines & ingredients.

4. I wish you all members of the successful pairing and have a happy life , also continue to fuel efforts to find true love.



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