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Dian xiang mi yun hong(black) 2016
Selection of high-quality mountain tea ecological tea garden in Yunnan, after many complicated process from processing. Color black and oily, slightly golden pekoe; mellow taste. Specifications: 150 grams / box, 30 boxes / carton; Retail Price: $90/ box.
Chun Hong (black) 2014
A selection of rare ecological tea with high-flavor varieties of tea spring buds, an altitude of 1,700 meters above in Yunnan. Fat firm cable with gold pekoe, dark in color; liquor color gold translucent red, sweet aroma, cool taste with rich fruit fragrant. Specifications: 5g × 20 bags / box; 20 boxes / carton (2kg); Retail Price: $334/ box.
Su Qin Hong (Black) 2015
A selection of Bulang Mountain’s alpine ecosystem hundred years old tree Mingqian tender single buds, about 48,000 bud per kilogram. Cable tight straight, Feng Miao tall and graceful ; golden soup, rich floral aroma, taste mellow. Specifications: 50g/can*3 cans/box*6 boxes/carton; Retail Price: $672/box.
Zi Míng (Yunnan black tea) 2016
Selection Meng Hai county alpine ecological tea garden of rare species - Zijuan fresh spring buds, carefully made. Cable tight straight "needle", golden liquor color bright red, floral and fruity sweet transparent,,durable lifted. Specifications: 100g/box * 24 boxes/carton;Retail Price: $856/two boxes.

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