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Fu Lu Shou Xi Brick (unfermented and fermented) 2015
This tea include unfermented (Fu, Xi) and fermented (Lu, Shou)tea. Fu: Sauvignon thick soup, taste smooth. Lu: elegant, taste delicious, good quality. Shou: mellow and sweet. Xi: sweet in the tongue, throat gan. Specifications: 500g / piece, 4 pieces/box, 4 boxes/carton; Retail Price: $1,786 / box.
Chinatea classic heritage nine two square brick (2016)
Chinatea company’s produced puerh brick tea in the seventies and eighties, raw materials for the 1-3 level, known as the "92 square brick." A selection of Yunnan Daye species before the spring, after brewing honey-rich, golden tea, throat rhyme and sweet. Specifications: 125 grams / piece, 60pieces / carton; Retail Price: $118 / piece.

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