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Jixing Jixiang (unfermented and fermented set) 2017
Menghai County, Yunnan Menghai large sun tea, round shape is full, the cable is fat, dry brown tea brown color with golden pekoe , pure aroma, taste sweet, leaf fat and full. Specifications: 100 grams / piece, 5 pieces / cylinders, 5 unfermented +5 fermented / set, 6 sets / carton; Retail Price: $1,688 / set.
Fu Lu Shou Xi Brick (unfermented and fermented) 2015
This tea include unfermented (Fu, Xi) and fermented (Lu, Shou)tea. Fu: Sauvignon thick soup, taste smooth. Lu: elegant, taste delicious, good quality. Shou: mellow and sweet. Xi: sweet in the tongue, throat gan. Specifications: 500g / piece, 4 pieces/box, 4 boxes/carton; Retail Price: $1,786 / box.
Wishful tribute tea (unfermented) 2015
This tea using Yunnan big leaf fine tea flush in Xishuangbanna, through traditional drying green processing technology, cable fat with sliver pekoe revealed, through a strong aroma of fruit honey “chen xiang”, golden soup, rich and full flavor, rich soup quality level back to sweet. Specifications: 888 + 8 g/box, 6 boxes / carton; Retail Price: $964/box.
He jing tribute unfermented tea (2015)
Selection of Yunnan big leaves in the spring of the finest tea Jing ,with an elevation 1700-2200 m, in Yunnan Manghai County of Xishuangbanna. Using the traditional drying green processing, pie-shaped round real, the surface of the green and white cake with silver pekoe, soup golden color translucent. Specifications: 3,000 g / cake, 1 cake / box, 3 boxes / pcs; Retail Price: $ 3,160 / box.
He jing tribute fermented tea (2015)
Selection of Yunnan Daye kinds of high-quality sun- maocha, more than 1,500 meters above sea level in Yunnan ecological tea garden , to process fermentation, product implication between man and nature. Brick-shaped cable clear, significant gold pekoe, soup color red and bright . Specifications: 3,000 grams / cake, 1 cake / box, 3 boxes / pieces; retail price: $ 2,980 / box.
Nine Great Tea Mountain ancient tea collection (unfermented)2016
The collection of nine great tea mountain ancient tea, including Lao Ban Zhang , Man Zhuan which are praised by "Compendium of Materia Medica Supplements" and " Dian Hai Yu Heng Zhi ", Wu Liang Shan, Bang Wei, Na Ka, Ba Da, Jing Mai, Meng Song and Jiang Cheng. Specifications: 648g / box * 2 boxes / piece; retail price: $ 7,788 / box.
Ruyi Golden Column (unfermented) 2016
"Wishful" meaning everything goes well, good luck; "Gold Sutra " to the Buddhist symbol of stability, peace; this tea featured Menghai tree tea raw materials, natural aging, rich floral, sweet and lasting. Recommended alpine ecosystems bamboo, each 1.88 meters high. Specifications: 25 kg/column; Retail Price: $ 22,328/ column.

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