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December 15, 1951, "CHINATEA" trademark by the Central Board approved the exclusive right to use the private sector, it is one of the oldest trademarks of New China. 2006 China Tea Co., Ltd. (registered trademark: CHINATEA) after the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, was identified as the first batch of "old and font size."
Green "tea", the expression "natural and healthy desire and pursuit"; red "China" symbol vibrant land of China and the "Golden China, the tea boutique" product positioning and the pursuit of the tea contains a "rooted the land of China, dedication and natural health "concept. "Tea" straight strokes, "in the" round has a sense of movement, "tea" and center "in the" outside, meaning "upright straight, circulation freely," the humanistic tradition; "China" interconnected into a gear-shaped, meaning It refers to the modernization of traditional tea, and meaning "Chinese tea culture, renowned in the world, promoting the Octagon."
Over half a century, along with boxes of Chinese tea through the sea to other place, "CHINATEA" brand won high recognition and trust of overseas distributors and consumers, has become a symbol of Chinese tea. At present, tea series of tea in the domestic market have broad market appeal, the licensing Pu'er tea is more worthy of the number one brand.

"Lucky" trademark owned by China Tea (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., element from the Chinese Han Dynasty relics "hollow Chi tiger jade" jade sustenance of people's hearts desire to bring good fortune fate, to be happy in life, so whichever means " Lucky ". Beauty of ancient plastic arts and Yunnan will be the language of the world tea birthplace cleverly combine, graceful curves and dynamic, contains a long history of Yunnan tea and vitality, permeated with the company's culture and business philosophy is to a firm pace, made the leap to a better future.


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