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Year of the Rooster(unfermented) 2017
Yunnan Lancang River Valley Yunnan tea leaf tea, fermented tea green, drying green processing, 1900 meters above sea level in Kunming dry warehouse storage to tra
1951 Puerh Tea (unfermented) 2016
December 15, 1951 "CHINATEA" trademark registration success, open a new era of China's modern tea industry. This tea with Bu Lang Shan Yunnan big leaf ecology tea green, more than ten traditional process. Cake cable dark green, taste rich mellow. Specifications: 357 g / piece, 14 / box. Retail Price: $ 779 / box.
Wen Ban Zhang (unfermented) 2016
Ban Zhang tea area Yunnan big leaf tea tree spring buds, through traditional sun drying green, after more than 10 processes refined. Cake cable ink green and more fat
Yi Wu wild trees(unfermented)2016
Selection of Wu Yi original wilderness tea’s spring tender buds, after repeated debugging carefully with blending. The cable is complete, color dark green, soup is
Discus red stamp (unfermented) 2016
Featured mountains of Yunnan large-leafed trees spring buds, traditional crafts, develop by professional tea master. Cord fat dark green, honey aroma long lasting,
Red stamp (unfermented) 2015
Red stamp is selection of Yunnan large-leafed tea high tea flush, with altitude of 1,700 meters above in the Lancang River Basin. Golden soup, throat rhyme glycol, “sheng
Ban Basin impression old trees tea (unfermented) 2013
A selection of Yunnan large-leafed tea trees tea flush , 1,600m altitude over the mountains in Xishuangbanna. Fat cable, shoots clear; honey soup yellowish in colour, fragrance lifted; taste mellow and full, sweet and lasting. Product Specifications: 357g /piece;7piece/cylinder;4cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $332/ piece.
Classic 7541 (unfermented) 2014
Featured in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan fierce sea territory in high altitude areas in Yunnan big leaves drying green raw tea leaves as raw material quality, tight cord pekoe especially significant, liquor color is yellowish, mellow taste sweet fluid durable. Specifications: 357g/ piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 4cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $272/piece.
High Mountain Rock Rhyme (unfermented) 2014
This product collect large-leafed tea tea flush from miscellaneous stone area of Meng Hai county, 1,600-1,700 meters above sea level in Yunnan. Cord clear, tight dark green, fragrant and pure honey brewing through delicate fragrance, throat rhyme lasting long. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price:$851/piece.
Red Ribbon (unfermented) 2014
A selection of Yunnan large-leafed tea tea flush of Lincang , with altitude of 1,400-2,100 meters above the mountains, cable tight knot dark green, fragrant lifted, with the increased number of brewing through honey, sugar, fruity, and finally a touch of floral. Specifications: 357 g /piece;7pieces/cylinder;4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $280/ piece.
Five Star Ban Basin(unfermented) 2014
A selection of ecosystem classes Yunnan large-leafed trees tea flush in Ban Basin of Bu Lang Mountain ,with an altitude of 1,600 meters above.Traditional drying g
Seventy-three green cake (unfermented) 2014
Featured with big leaves, drying green raw tea leaves as raw material, of high altitude areas in Yunnan .Chinatea brand’s Seven tea cakes recipe classical regression. Tight cable with silver pekoe, honey fruity aftertaste . Specifications:357g/piece; 7pieces/cylinder;4cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $379/piece.
Ban Zhang (unfermented)2014
Old Ban Zhang Village is located in Bu Lang Mountain in Yunnan. Yunnan big leaves drying green raw tea trees produce brick tea, which is hailed as “King of Tea” by puer tea consumers. Fat cable, spearmint obvious, throat rhyme long lasting. Specifications: 357g/piece; 5pieces/cylinder; 2 cylinders/carton; Retail Price:$14,292/ piece.
Bu Lang Peacock (unfermented) 2014
The product select high-quality trees drying green raw tea leaves of high altitude in Bu Lang Mountain Tea Area in Yunnan as raw material, through the traditional process from repression.The aroma is pure, long lasting, soup color light and airy, mellow, sweet rhyme quiet long . This tea can be consumed immediately, but also for long-term collection. Specification: 357g/piece;7pieces/cylinder; 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $270/piece.
Wu Yi (unfermented) 2014
A selection of original ecology Yunnan big leaves large tree tea spring pistil in Wu Yi Mountain ,with altitude of 1,300 meters above, handmade stone mold pressing, cable fat tight moist, revealing silver pekoe, rich fragrance, liquor color green yellow, throat rhyme sweet aftertaste. Specifications: 357g /piece ;7pieces/cylinder; 4 cylinders/box; Retail Price: $3,388/piece.
Ban Zhang ancient tree (unfermented) 2015
Selection of Menghai county Bulang Mountain above 1,600 meters altitude Yunnan large leaf tea flush of original ecology, through traditional drying green processing technology, a quintessence series products. Cord dark green, white and light show, soup honey yellow, sweet intense, persistent fluid. Specifications: 357g/piece * 7pieces/cylinder * 2 cylinders/carton;Retail Price: $6,800/piece.
Mellowness mountain rhyme (unfermented) 2015
Tea flush taken from Yunnan big leaves big old tree tea of high mountain in Xishuangbanna ,with an altitude of 1,700-2,100 meters, tea bar dark green with pekoe, rich fragrance, like golden soup, mellowness and sweet aftertaste, tongue “ming chuen”, “sheng jin “lasting. Specifications: 357g / piece, 7pieces / cylinder, 4 cylinders / carton; Retail Price: $1,385/ piece.
Bing Dao (unfermented) 2015
Bing Dao selected large-leafed arbor Mingqian spring pistil of Bing Dao ancient tea trees in Yunnan.Shiny gold soup, throat rhyme reveals an obvious taste of sugar, fluid lasting long. Spring yield rare, even more precious, late aging worth to wait. Specifications: 260g/piece* 5pieces/cylinder * 2 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $10,232/ piece.
King Mai arbor (unfermented) 2015
This tea is selection of Yunnan large-leafed tea tree Mingqian spring pistil of King Mai Mountain, traditional drying green processing technology. Cord dark green and moist, juicy tight knot with silver pekoe revealed, fruity aroma of honey reveal orchid fragrance. Bright yellow honey soup, throat rhyme sweet thick, fluid lasting. Specifications: 357g/piece * 7pieces/cylinder * 4cylinders / carton; Retail Price: $1,271/ piece.
Xi Gui (unfermented) 2015
Xi Gui is produced in Xi Gui Village of Mang Lu Shan, Linxiang Region of Bang Dong in Yunnan. A selection of big black tea leaves Mingqian spring pistil of ancient tea garden in Bang Dong. It has tight cord knot,sweet lingering fluid, throat rhyme gan, mouth fragrant lasting long. Specifications: 260g/piece * 5pieces/cylinder * 2 cylinders/carton;Retail Price: $3,179/piece.
Bang Dong arbor (unfermented) 2015
Bang Dong village located at east of Linxiang district in Lincang. This tea select from Bang Dong ancient tea garden big leaf Mingqian spring pistil, aroma rich fragrance. Yellowish clear soup, sweet fast and long-lasting, throat rhyme gan lingering, mouth sweet lasting. Specifications: 357g/piece * 7pieces/cylinder * 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $634/piece.
Wu Yi Mountain ancient tree (unfermented) 2015
Wu Yi Mountain located at north of Mengla City, an area of about 750 square kilometers, is the largest in Six Big Tea Mountain.A selection of Yunnan large-leafed arbor spring pistil, tight cord significantly with pekoe, soup bright yellow like honey, taste mellow and smooth. Specifications: 400g/piece* 7pieces/cylinder * 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $373/piece.
Bulang Deep Mountain Yun (unfermented) 2015
This tea is selected from the original ecology of Yunnan large leaf tea trees spring buds, with the altitude of 1,600 meters above Bulang mountain.Featured in 2012, 2013 and 2014 high-quality large-leafed drying green tea as raw materials. Pie thick and round, fragrant honey, sweet intense.Specifications: 357g/piece * 7pieces/cylinder *6 cylinders/bamboo basket ; Retail Price: $332/piece.

Blue Stamp (unfermented) 2015
Featured Menghai territory 1,700 meters above of alphine Yunnan large-leafed tea tree fine tea flush , after several years dry storage of natural aging, is Elaine mellow series. Cable tight knot , pekoe significantly juicy; honey sweet rich fluid. Specifications: 357g/piece * 7pieces/cylinder * 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $ 456/ piece.
Wan Gong arbor (unfermented) 2015
This product select quality tea flush from Wu Yi Wan Gong of Mengla county, Xishuangbanna in Yunnan. Dark green cord with silver pekoe, strong floral aroma with wild fragrant, fresh and elegant; translucent golden soup, glycol fluid. Specifications: 357g/piece * 7pieces/cylinder * 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $ 4,329/piece.

Honey Yun Xiang (unfermented) 2016
Selection of Bulang Mountain's Yunnan big leaves, fine drying green raw tea, dry warehouse aging natural blending. Cord dark green, significantly juicy, unique wildflower honey rich, golden soup, strong taste. Specifications: 357g / piece * 7 pieces/ bag * 6bags / carton; Retail Price: $192 / piece.
Wu Ban Zhang (unfermented) 2016
Selection of Ban Zhang tea region Yunnan large tea leaf spring pistil, with traditional drying green technology, more than ten procedures, high-temperature autoclave, proper temperature drying. Cord dark green, pekoe more fat, rich fragrance with floral, honey yellow soup, throat rhyme lingering. Specification: 357 grams / piece*/7pieces/cylinder*14 pieces/carton; Retail Price: $2,256/piece.
Eighty-eight green cake (2016)
Eighty-eight green cake refers 88--92 production of Pu'er tea tea brand 7542, it is due to excellent quality, sought after by patrons. According to the original recipe for the tea quality improvement. Yunnan tea flush with big leaves, fruity honey. Specification: 357 grams/piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 4cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $ 462/piece.
Colourful (unfermented) 2016
Five small area of high-quality Yunnan large-leaf Mingqian spring pistil, through sixteen production processes. Every cylinder consist of King Mai old trees, Bulang old trees, Bang Wei old trees, Ba Nuo old trees and Bang Dong old trees.Five different styles and distinctive characteristics composition. Specifications: 357g/piece * 5 pieces/cylinder* 4 cylinders/carton ; Retail Price: $5,628/cylinder.

Pasha trees (unfermented) 2016
Pasha Village under Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Meng Hai County and Grand Hani Township, tea fragrant and rich, flavor is concentrated strong. Cord intact, dark green color significantly pekoe, honey yellow soup, sweet fast. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7 pieces/cylinder; 4cylinders/carton; Retail Price:$ 544/piece.
Bingshen Monkey cake (unfermented) 2016
This product selected from Menghai county mountain ecosystem of Yunnan large leaf tea buds spring buds, traditional drying green processing technology. High temperature autoclave, stone setting. Sturdy cord pekoe more complete, rich honey, honey yellow soup, “sheng jin” lasting. Specifications: 357g / piece * 7 / cylinder * 4 cylinders / carton; Retail Price: $351/piece.
Green Stamp (unfermented) 2013
Specifications: 357g/piece * 7 pieces/cylinder * 6 cylinders/ carton; Retail Price: $ 446/piece.
Bu Lang Classic (unfermented) 2013
A selection of the original ecology of Yunnan big leaves old tea forest spring pistil in Meng Hai, 1,600-1,700m high altitude mountains, handmade stone mold pressing, cord plump and moist, silver pekoe revealed, translucent golden soup, long aftertaste. Specifications: 399g/piece; 1piece/box; 5boxes/carton (1,995grams); Retail Price: $1,805.
Strong (unfermented) 2012
High-quality large-leafed tea of high altitude areas in Yunnan, with drying green raw tea process, carefully blending. full of “cha qi”, rich taste, sweet fast, fluid and s
Smooth(unfermented) 2012
A selection of quality raw materials from paleoecology tea areas of Meng Hai in Yunnan ,processed by traditional refining process. Pie is round, pekoe revealed, cord stout; liquor yellowish in colour; taste mellow, sweet fluid. Specifications: 357g / piece; 7pieces / bag; 6 bags / carton; Retail Price: $198 / piece.
Aroma (unfermented) 2012
A selection of big leaves early spring with drying green raw tea craft,
in Meng Hai of Yunnan .Bud stout and strong taste: taste heavy and mellow, rich variation, sweet aroma fluid, cheerful and bright flowers, fragrance lasting long , refreshing soup.Specifications: 357g / piece 7 / bag 6 bags / boxes; Retail Price: $198/ piece.
Green Lotus (unfermented) 2014
A selection of old tea tree spring tip, in the dense forest between 1500-2100m above sea level ,in the mountains of Yunnan Lincang Yongde county area. With the traditional drying green processing, high temperature autoclave stereotypes. Cake-shaped solid green with pekoe. Soup honey yellow and transparent. Specifications:357 g / cake , 7 cakes / cylinder, 4 cylinders / carton (28 cakes); Retail Price: $ 531/cake .

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