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Year of the Rooster (fermented)2017
Yunnan Xishuangbanna high-altitude tea varieties of high-quality varieties of sun-drying raw materials, appropriate fermentation mix, the cable integrity, golden pe
Yunnan arbor big tree dried tangerine peel puerh (fermented)2016
Dried tangerine peel is Xinhui’s special local product, this tea is the selection of Xishuangbanna high-altitude tree green before Min
1951 Puerh Tea (fermented) 2016
December 15, 1951 "CHINATEA" trademark registration success, open a new era of China's modern tea industry. This tea with Bu Lang Shan Yunnan big leaf ecology tea green
CHINATEA first tea cake (fermented)2008
Raw materials from the sunshine drying leaves of Yunnan big tea leaves, moderate fermentation, high temperature autoclave made, soup red and yellow bright, pure aroma, taste mellow. Cool thirst, help digestion, eliminate fatigue, refreshing sober up. Specifications: 357 grams / piece, 7 / cylinder, 12 cylinders / carton; Retail Price: $ 412 / piece.
Golden Tangerine Peel trees old trees (fermented) 2016
Huazhou tangerine peel has "southern ginseng" reputation. This tea select high-altitude tea trees and tea green before the Ming in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan. With the precious top grade gold-red orange, soup red strong, mellow and smooth. Specifications: 357 grams / piece, 7 / cylinder, 4 cylinders / carton; Retail Price: $774 / piece.
Purple Yun Wu Jin (fermented) 2016
Zijuan is a unique new tea varieties in Yunnan. In 1986, through the single plant selection by the multi-generation breeding, anthocyanins prominent. Using Bu Lang Shan tree unfermented tea and Zijuan tea green to fermentation. Color black brown, soup color ruddy, mellow taste. Specifications: 357 grams / piece, 7 pieces/ cylinder, 4 cylinders / carton; Retail Price: $1100 / piece.
Hongyun spring buds (fermented) 2016
Selection of sun drying spring buds of Menghai big leaves species in Yunnan, after a modest fermentation process, three years of aging, suitable for immediate drinks. Tea cake cord integrity, gold buds revealed, tea soup red and glamorous, “chen hong” is pure, taste is mellow. Specifications: 357 grams / piece, 7pieces / cylinder, 4cylinders / carton; Retail Price: $ 316 / piece.
Boutique 7571 (fermented) 2016
Xishuangbanna ecological tea garden quality tea green, with moderate fermentation, dry storage aging, the traditional process from processing. Brown color with significa
Classical Return (fermented)2016
This tea in the Tenth Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong, store in 1900 meters above sea level, 40-year-old dry warehouse in Kunming. After ten years of storage, tea soup color transparent red, “chen xiang” pure through woody, sweet entry. Specifications: 380g / piece, 7 pieces / cyclinder, 4 cyclinders/ carton; Retail Price: $560/piece.
Yurun Purple Sky (fermented) 2014
This tea select ecological tea tea flush from Meng Hai in Xishuangbanna, with an altitude of 1,600 meters above , combines with company’s old material collection, a perfect combination. Fat golden buds,liquor color hongyan bright, sweet fragrant pure. Specifications: 357g/piece;7pieces/cylinder;4cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $414/piece.

7451 (fermented) 2014
7451 is a tribute to the history. The tea select tea flush with an altitude of 1,600 meters above Meng Hai in Xishuangbanna . Mild fermentation, using the traditional process of
San Yang Kai Tai (fermented) 2015
Sheep means lucky. This tea select tea flush of Yunnan big leaf species within Meng Hai, drying green and then by appropriate fermentation processing technology, through the traditional process of repression. Liquor color red thick, rich aroma, taste mellow gan cool. Specifications: 357g / piece, 7 pieces/ cylinder, 4 cyclinder / carton; Retail Price: $ 329/ piece.
Fermented tea tree (2016)
2016, Yunnan Chacha Co., Ltd. to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sun Yat-sen launched this special fermented tea trees. Issued 15,000 pieces, choice of Bu Lang Mountain big tree spring pistil, cable fat, gold pekoe exposed, reddish brown soup. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 2 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $690/piece.
Yellow Stamp (fermented) 2016
This product selects premium spring pistil tea flush from palaeoecology tea garden, with an altitude of 1,600 meters above ,in Meng Hai of Xishuangbanna. Through mild fermentation, juicy shoots, blending by professional tea master. Continuation of the 2013 formula, gold pekoe visible, rich and mellow taste. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $512/piece.
Yi Wu fermented tea (2016)
Picking Yi Wu premium drying green raw tea , after four years of aging and pressing. Pie cable fat, gold pekoe expose; soup is mellow, sweet and smooth. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7pieces /cylinder; 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $ 515/piece.
Jing Mai fermented tea (2016)
This tea is a selection of high-grade drying green raw tea from Jing Mai. Through fermentation and pressing to cake. Pie round and full, cable is tight knot, gold pekoe expose; mellow, sweet and refreshing. Jing Mai raw sweet slightly astringent, sweet melodious obvious. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $462/piece.
“Lucky”brand Pu'er tea (fermented) 2016
This beautifully packaged tea, using the raw material to repress which has been fermented more than ten years ,rich “chen xiang”, mellow taste, sweet persistence. Specification: 260g/box * 5 boxes/ tongs * 4 tongs/carton; Retail Price: $ 675/ piece.
Ju Hong Puer tea (fermented) 2016
Hua Zhou Ju Hong (exocarpium)have "Southern Ginseng" reputation, since AD 420 years, nearly 1,500 years of history, medicine and edible still in use. The tea select tea flush of Xishuangbanna, blending with Hua Zhou Ju Hong, low-temperature drying, titian made. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 4 cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $728/piece.
Pasha fermented tea (2016)
This tea using Pasha village’s high quality drying green raw tea to ferment, after aging transform and pressing to cake. Pie round, cable fat, gold pekoe expose ; aging aroma, taste mellow and smooth, slightly bitter end, Pasha's distinctive characteristics. Specifications: 357g/piece; 7pieces/cylinder; 4cylinders/carton; Retail Price: $620/piece.
Bingshen Monkey cake (fermented) 2016
This product selected within Menghai county, Yunnan Xishuangbanna, Yunnan big leaves tea flush, drying green and then processed by deep fermentation process. Cable fat, gold cents exposed, thick red soup, sweet fruity, mellow taste. Specifications: 357g / piece * 7 pieces/ cylinder * 4 cylinders/ carton; Retail Price: $278 / piece.
Millennium Kiss – Big tree fermented Pu'er Tea (2016)
The main raw material of this tea is trees tea flush deep in the mountain forests, and the tea also used in the 2014 APEC Meeting where foreign dignitaries enjoyed the beauty of Chinese tea. Auxiliary ingredient are “crab legs”, also known as mistletoe, because like a crab's legs. Specifications: 520 g / box, 6 boxes / carton; Retail Price: $2,255 / box.
8591 (fermented) 2014
8591 is a product which make a tribute to the history. The tea select tea flush with altitude of 1,600 meters above Meng Hai in Xishuangbanna. Mild fermentation, using the traditional process of repression, liquor color bright, “chen xiang” revealed. Specifications: 357 g / piece;7pieces/cylinder,4 cylinders/ carton; Retail Price: $198 / piece.
Jin Yuan Gong cake (fermented) 2014
Jin Yuan Gong cake is a high-end sophisticated, compact and convenient fermented tea. A selection of Yunnan big leaves tea flush of Meng Zhen high altitude in Xishuangbanna .Moderate fermentation, the taste is still strong sweet aftertaste . Specifications: 8g/grain;10pieces/box;30boxes/carton, 2.4kg/box; Retail Price: $ 46/box.
Valley Floral (fermented)2012
According to the traditional craft carefully piling production, the cable is fat, aroma is mellow, soup clear and reddish, taste rich and thick, “sheng jin” long lasting. Specifications: 400 g / cake , 7 cakes / cylinder, 12 cylinders / box (84 cakes); retail price: $ 192 / cake .
Hou De cooked cake (2016)
A selection of Yunnan big leaf tea green, drying green processing and then by the appropriate fermentation, the traditional process to suppress. Cake round, the cable integrity, dark red soup bright, “chen xiang” rich through sweet, mellow taste.Choice for drinking, collection, leisure party tasting. Specifications: 357g / piece * 28 / box. Retail Price: $ 218 / piece.
Orange in the orange (fermented) 2016
A selection of high-quality tea garden tea in Yunnan Province, after drying green, adopt light fermentation process, through three years of aging. Cake round, cable is tight, color red and brown with pekoe. A good choice for drink and collection. Specifications: 357g / piece, 7 pieces/ tong, 4 tongs/ carton;Retail Price: $528/piece.
Bu Lang big tree puerh tea (fermented) 2016
Selected from Bu Lang Mountain sunlight green tea through fermentation, autoclave molding. Cake rounded and full, cord fat and integrity, “chen Xiang”revealed with sweet, slightly bitter taste, back to gan obvious, leave bottom red brown fat. Specifications: 357 grams / cake, 7 cakes / tong, 4 tongs (28 cakes) / carton. Retail Price: $ 941 / piece.

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