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77th Anniversary of Kunming Tea Factory Gold Brick(fermented)2016
Selection of the spring tea raw materials in Banpen, Mannuo regions, with appropriate fermentation, to commemorate the Kunming Tea Factory (formerly Fuxing Tea Factory 1939.10) 77 years. Complete cable plump, full of golden pekoe, transparent soup, taste sweet and mellow. Specifications: 1000 grams +250 grams / piece, 6 pieces/ carton; Retail Price: $ 3,582 / piece.

7581 brick (four loaded) 2014 (fermented)
Kunming tea factory uphold the traditional tea, is an old tea drinkers familiar and welcoming tea. Featured high-quality big leaves drying green raw tea in Meng Hai as raw materials, full of “chen xiang” and pure. Suitable for drinking now also be collected. Specifications: 250 g x 4 / bag, 24 bags / carton; Retail Price: $470 / bag.
7581 Brick (single) 2014 (fermented)
As Kunming tea factory create artificial fermentation and prodcuce the first fermented tea brick,7581 is the most representative of Pu'er tea. 75 representatives of brick tea production in 1975; 8 represents the main tea is grade 8 tea;1 represents Kunming tea factory. Specifications: 250 g / piece; 96pieces / carton; Retail Price: $ 130 / piece.
Classic collection 1973 (fermented) 2014
A selection of fermentation from premium ecological alpine tea garden arbor raw materials, after five years of accumulation, pure dry warehouse storage, natural aging, traditional crafts fine production, with old fragrant; ease of mind after drinking. Product Specifications: 500g/ piece;20pieces/carton; Retail Price: $600/carton.

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